Our Company

Softrip is a small, US-based company. With the majority of our team located in Pennsylvania, we are currently working remotely to support our customers all across the globe. We are highly focused on "getting it done" and support one another heavily to identify opportunities to pave the way to success for not only our software and company growth, but also our customers, the industry's requirements, and their growth.

Our Mission Statement

To establish Softrip as the travel industry's leading provider of end-to-end business operations software for tour operators worldwide.

Who We Are

Harnessing operational experiences prior to creating Softrip, we've acquired a deeper understanding of the business process requirements and a unique empathy for Tour Operation needs. Our consultative approach with customers offers a true and meaningful partnership. Softrip has been supporting a worldwide customer base for almost 20 years. Evolving our offering accordingly, we proudly learn from and value our customer experiences. An enjoyable journey for our founders and for our Softrip team, we take pride in our consistent ability to enhance and to refine our very configurable offering to arrive at one destination: satisfied customers (both ours and yours).



With a team of three, we released our first group quoting system


Expanding our development, we released our first integrated software for reservations, customer, and supplier management


Setting up our software to support a global market, we release multi-currency, company, and brand versions of our software


We expand our software capabilities by integrating with our first GDS, Sabre while supporting multiple customers


In two years, we established another integration by connecting with Amadeus and have grown our customer based to 5 US Travel Operator Agencies


Realizing the ever growing and evolving industry, we began attempting our Software with a newer version


We release our second generation of our software to our existing customers


Broadening our support for our customers, we released the ability to pull package details onto their websites while also allowing our customers to create bookings through their own front-end


Integrated with HotelBeds, providing our customers with the ability to pull rates and availability automatically


By 2012, grew our customer base by 10 total customers


Established a custom group process to support our customers who have groups requesting sun destinations, wedding parties, or customized itineraries


Expanded our portfolio by integrating with our first cruise line operator


Started our development for our third iteration of our software, allowing our customers to use different web browsers and devices


Began our soft launch of the third version of our software


Announced planned releases of our upgraded software to our customer base


Started strategic planning for rebranding our company and reviewing a new SaaS model to support smaller tour operators