Frequently Asked Questions

"How many users can utilize Softrip?"

There is no contractual limit to the number of users. These days one may also count Web users as "users". Softrip's pricing structure excludes the number of users as a factor in the licensing cost. It is however a factor (more of a guideline) when calculating monthly support fees. Generally, the larger the internal user base is, the larger is the support requirement. Tour Operators, which are hosted by Softrip in our hosting facility, start with up to 25 internal users. However, if more users come on or the web traffic increases, additional fees to cover the added communication, support, and hosting costs may be charged.

"Can I use Softrip on the Web?"

Yes, Softrip is a web-based system allowing you to have users in different locations while still accessing one centralized software system.

"What kind of technical support do you offer?"

Besides the initial on-site training, Softrip offers unlimited phone support during its business hours. After-hours support is also provided for emergencies. Additional On-Site training may be requested for a fee.

"Will I need to redesign my website?"

No, the Softrip technology does not conflict with the independent development of a corporate image or web site design. In fact, Softrip can be simply plugged into a site designed by a third party vendor.

"Which installation model is right for my company?"

Generally the size of the company determines the appropriate installation model. Small or mid-size companies may choose a hosted solution. That means their data and servers are hosted in a Softrip managed facility. No hardware installation is required in their office other than personal computers connected to the Internet. Larger companies may like the security of their own Data Center and may choose a Self-Hosted solution. They provide the Data Center and Servers for the system. Very Large companies may want to do their own support and programming through an In-House technology group. For those, a Source Code license may be appropriate. With a Source Code license, once the training period is over, Softrip's ongoing support is minimal.

"How will you provide training for my staff?"

Softrip provides a "Training for the Trainer" service. It is a method of training where Softrip trains an individual in a supervisory position who in turn will train their staff. Training may take place over the phone or on-site as needed. The length of training varies depending on the trainees role within the organization, background, and experience in the travel industry as a whole. Most companies will be able to get enough training within a month to handle most aspects of the system.

"How much does the system cost?"

Pricing begins at approximately $40,000 for installation and setup, $4,000 per month for support, usage, and maintenance, and an optional $500 per month for hosting. These numbers are only estimates and will vary depending on several factors, including but not limited to, the number of users, passengers travelled annually, integrations needed, product line, and the number of brands a company operates.

"Is pricing affected by the number of branches we have?"

No, pricing is not affected by the amount of branches (offices) you have but is affected by the number of brands you have. It is a true web-based system which allows your users to access the software from any location at any time.

"Can I use the system for B2B?"

The system is designed for B2B and B2C equally and contains all the necessary elements for B2B transactions. This includes travel agent commissions, consortia membership, overrides and benefits, as well as Travel Agent payments and more. Reports and analysis are also available to gauge Travel Agent performance.