Softrip API


Softrip API

Publish your product line for third-parties to shop and book using Softrip's API, or to include Softrip content on your own website.

Softrip's API allows third parties to gather information about your products and packages, make bookings using their own reservation system, and use Softrip as a central authentication system. Softrip's API also provides functionality to integrate the Softrip CRM with third-party mailing houses to keep your customers' contact information up to date.

Use the CMS API to get package information or supplier/hotel details

Allow third parties to make and manage reservations, or build your own reservation process using the Softrip API to create bookings

Manage and sync contact information between Softrip and other CRMs

Security: Authenticate your in-house users against Softrip's system and create sessions