CRM & Marketing


CRM & Marketing

Manage your clients and passengers, and create promotions.

You will never need to worry about managing your contacts' and customers' information in spreadsheets and files again once you use Softrip's Marketing and CRM system. Our platform provides you with the ability to create profiles with the organizations that you work with, store and manage your contacts' preferences, and helps optimize your marketing efforts. This out-of-the-box solution gives you everything you need to add growth to your business, personalize your customer's experiences, and draw in prospective business.

Easily create, customize, and communicate current and future marketing promotions.

Reward top performing travel agencies by quickly and easily adjusting commissions tiers.

Incentivize your customers by promoting referral programs and discounts.

Support your call center by allowing your staff to personalize their experience with your customers by maintaining a detailed customer profile.

Provide top-notch customer service by creating future travel credit discounts.

Eliminate manual reporting by analyzing and exporting customer and contact details.