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Review our full list of features.


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Automate your reservations and operations processes.

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Advanced :
  • Automated External Communications
  • Hotel APIs
  • GDS Integration
  • Multi-Brand/Multi-Currency
  • Customizable
  • Implementation Manager
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  • Calendar
  • Company Directory
  • Message Board/Intranet

  • Online Reservations
  • Shop for multiple trip types
  • Allow courtesy hold with no payments
  • Collect Transfer Details
  • Customer Documents
  • Detailed Reservation History
  • Native GDS
  • Import PNR

  • Create and manage Travel Agencies
  • Create and manage Travel Agents and Passengers
  • Create agency and agent commissions
  • Create and apply marketing promotions
  • Manage contact promotions
  • Manage your marketing spending
  • Manage brochure requests
  • Manage mailing/email subscriptions
  • Access and export contact data

  • Add suppliers, services, and rates
  • Manage pick-up/drop-off car rental locations
  • Manage supplier documents

  • Create tours and departures
  • Manage exchange rates
  • Mass update prices
  • Manage product history
  • Set up multiple brands

  • Create group opportunities
  • Create ad-hoc services for groups
  • Create customized costs and prices
  • Apply custom commissions to groups
  • Create and manage block air contracts
  • Manage reserved custom group inventory
  • Import passengers

  • Manage, create, and confirm allotments/inventory
  • Report services and rooming lists to your suppliers
  • View revisions and supplier communication history
  • Cancel option expired reservations
  • Assign shared rooms
  • Create queues to communicate with your passengers
  • Manage air blocks
  • Manage and report flights within a destination (inner air)
  • Send messages to your air suppliers
  • Create custom messages to send to your suppliers
  • View the performance of your tours
  • View and manage tour services
  • Assign guides to your departures

  • Prepare reports, disburse payments and commissions, and invoice clients
  • Access, review, and deliver statements: income, profit/loss, month-end, quarter-end, year-end
  • Maintain important communications with others on your finance/accounting team and product teams to assess which suppliers are providing the most revenue
  • Eliminate the need for multiple logins, separate spreadsheets and timely searches for missing data by managing all financial processes within one system

  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Fine-grain control over user permissions
  • Integrate with Active Directory for user authentication
  • Control API keys for third party access to your Softrip instance

  • Use Softrip's CMS to run your whole website
  • Establish page hierarchies and manage content
  • Build custom landing pages for your tours
  • Tour customer reviews

  • Hotel Providers/Consolidators (HotelBeds, HBSi, etc.)
  • Common GDSs (Amadeus, Sabre, etc.)
  • Credit Card Payment Gateways (PayPal, PayFlowPro, Authorize.Net, USAePay, Payeezy, etc.)
  • Optional Tour/Service Providers (TourIco, Viator, etc.)
  • Cruiselines (Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, Holland America, etc.)
  • Travel Insurance Providers (Allianz, Travelex, TravelGuard, Arch, etc.)

  • CMS API: Get package details, get supplier information
  • Reservations: Allow third parties to make and manage reservations
  • CRM: Manage and sync contact information between Softrip and other CRMs
  • Security: Authenticate your in-house users against Softrip's system and create sessions

  • Host Softrip on your own hardware
  • Maintain multiple environments (Production, Testing/UAT, Edge, etc.)
  • Allocate resources to your load-balanced Softrip instance where needed

  • Implementation Services
  • Implementation Documentation
  • Implementation Manager
  • Weekly Check-in

  • Support
  • Access to Help Desk
  • Access to Account Manager

  • Training
  • Access to Knowledge Center
  • Embedded Help Guides
  • Implementation Training
  • Training for Internal Staff