Build incredible experiences for your customers while working through seamless operations with your team with Softrip's expansive product line.



Build incredible experiences for your customers while working through seamless operations with your team with Softrip's expansive product line.

When it comes to Softrip, you and your customers' experience are number one. That is why we've designed our application to support all of your operating needs in one location. Need to load your contracts? No problem! Want to import new leads from a file? Easy! How about creating a seamless booking flow for not only your in-house users but your customer as well? We do that too!

Softrip's fully integrated system automates and simplifies the manual processes of the tour operator industry. As this competitive industry evolves, so does our customizable software providing innovative and integrated automation to make each area of your business more efficient. Given your main goal is to make your customers' destination experiences seamless, we've considered all areas of the business that require your continued efforts by making these systems available within one platform.

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Our unique and fully-integrated reservations system provides both your internal users as well as your external customers with access to reservations, viewing and printing documents and invoices, and posting payments. With an easy, step-by-step process, any user will feel comfortable and confident when they create their reservations.

Often used as a task management tool, your calendar will keep your and your employees organized and in the loop by assigning follow-up notifications, viewing assigned memos that are attached to your customer's reservations, and sharing notifications with your staff all across your organization.


You will never need to worry about managing your contacts' and customers' information in spreadsheets and files again once you use Softrip's Marketing and CRM system. Our platform provides you with the ability to create profiles with the organizations that you work with, store and manage your contacts' preferences, and helps optimize your marketing efforts. This out-of-the-box solution gives you everything you need to add growth to your business, personalize your customer's experiences, and draw in prospective business.

CRM & Marketing
Contract Loading

Update, manage, and maintain the contracts with your individual suppliers, while taking advantage of the ability to set costs for your adult and child passengers, control occupancy restrictions, associate inventory block codes, and store the main contact details of your suppliers in one location. This module also provides you with the opportunity to create multiple rate periods, allowing you to account for fluctuating costs due to holidays and travel periods.


Softrip's Products module provides tour operators the flexibility to promote/sell any destination and type of travel packages that your business supports (A La Carte, Custom Groups, Group and Individual packages). This module also gives your organization the internal controls to manage costs, maintain important supplier contact information and deliver the most desirable travel packages to your customers.

Organizing and managing your groups can sometimes be overwhelming. Our groups system allows you to collect all of the necessary details for your potential groups and quickly qualify their information, build ad hoc services on the fly, customize group documents, and easily collect and distribute your payments all in one application.

Custom Groups

Operating your customers' reservations requires frequent communication, daily reporting, and contact inventory management. This fully-integrated system will provide your staff with one platform to manage their daily responsibilities. Here, your team will be able to automate communications with your customers, report rooming lists to your suppliers, view passenger manifests, and manage inventory all in one system.


Create a chart of accounts, manage all reservation details including payments and commissions, pay your suppliers, and run your month-end all under our fully integrated accounting system.


Control system wide access, maintain and customize user profiles, and assign profiles to help drive access and usability for both your internal and external users in security.
In the Security system, you can also manage and update system-wide data, enable two factor, and control your brands.

Work hand in hand with our experienced staff to design the perfect website to promote your packages, itineraries, and prices. Create beautiful web pages, update color schemes and images, and manage the details and components of your website directly with Softrip, giving you full control of your content.


Integrate your Softrip reservations and operations systems with third-party providers to offer flights, hotels, cruises, and other services to your passengers. Softrip's connectivity platform sends requests directly to third-party providers to seamlessly include their services in your products and reservations.

Softrip API

Softrip's API allows third parties to gather information about your products and packages, make bookings using their own reservation system, and use Softrip as a central authentication system. Softrip's API also provides functionality to integrate the Softrip CRM with third-party mailing houses to keep your customers' contact information up to date.