Set Departure Packages

Set Departure Packages

Control prices per departure date and manage operating costs for your independent and escorted tours.

Promote your products by offering multi-stop tours to locations all across the globe.

Create detailed itineraries and tours, inclusive of different suppliers, services, rates, and fees.

Manage your tours, view the inventory, allocate guides, and evaluate their performances within one screen.

Create tours to offer to public and create multiple departure dates

Control and rearrange the departure dates of your tours based on the number of seats or passengers already booked per departure.

Evaluate the seats sold on each tour to determine if consolidation is necessary to ensure profitability

Customize package pages including daily itineraries, images, and package highlights to promote your tours and sell to the public

Set the prices of your tours per departure date on one screen, allowing you to customize and control the pricing based on travel periods/peak periods/holiday periods

Allow your customers to dynamically shop for air through GDS connectivity and enter price allowances to ensure your prices remain competitive while still remaining profitable