All-In-One Platform For Multi-Day Tour Operators

Automate and simplify your business processes while powering exceptional travel experiences for your customers.

Reservations, Product Management, Operations, CRM & Marketing, Reporting & Task Management, Integrated Payments, and Accounting.

Power exceptional multi-day tour travel experiences


years in business


combined years of industry experience


platform choice for USTOA members

$2 billion+

in reservations created annually

1 million+

passengers traveling with Softrip operators each year

5 to 500

We scale with you as your business grows


Experts in Our Field

  • Our platform was built within best-in-class multi-day tour operator Gate 1 Travel, and our team has 100+ years of combined experience in the industry.
  • We have a proven track record with top names in the multi-day tour industry, harnessing their knowledge and expertise to continuously improve our travel platform.

We Scale with You

  • From 5 users to 500 users, our travel journey together continues. Never go through the headache of switching multi-day tour systems again.
  • We are the most robust and feature-rich multi-day tour software in the travel industry.


Immediate Return on Your Investment

  • Power top line revenue opportunities with our multi-day tour platform. Promote and share products with your customers, easily offering pre- and post-nights and optional tours.
  • Get rid of tedious manual processes and maximize time spent designing exceptional travel product offerings.


Your Source of Truth

  • Utilize one comprehensive multi-day tour system to manage your business in its entirety, covering all aspects of the tour operator workflow and eliminating the need for 3rd party vendors.
  • Manage the first supplier negotiation through the last accounting transaction within one multi-day tour operator platform to increase accuracy and minimize integration issues.


Support for All Types
of Multi-Day Travel

  • Sell any destination and type of travel that supports your tour operator business. Our flexible platform supports escorted tours, custom groups, FIT, and more. Easily design superior products to satisfy customer interests.


One Comprehensive Multi-Day Tour Operator Platform

Our expansive suite of products solves the problems of modern multi-day tour operators.

Our Softrip Customers

Softrip Testimonials

Cammie Akins

Vice President, Caradonna Adventures

“We have so many options from suppliers-so many specials, booking bonuses, discount codes, etc and we were getting to a point where our sales were overwhelming prior to Softrip. We haven't yet found a scenario that we can't make work. From the promotions and the product build to the flexibility of being able to break out the cost in the price and the tax and the price to the promotion, we have been able to come up with a solution for just about any type of promotion that suppliers offer. Once the product sells, everything revolves around that and that’s the basis of these systems. Softrip’s flexibility to manage the product is the number one benefit to our business for our customers.”

Dani Pipano

President, Gate 1 Travel

“ Gate 1 began using the Softrip system in 1999 and we never looked back! We had researched multiple systems and found that none had the capabilities that Softrip could offer. The built-in accounting sub system enables seamless operations, from third-party rate input to the initial reservation process and throughout each step and relevant department, virtually eliminating manual input errors. Dynamic airfare shopping and the ability to adjust gross pricing gives our customers an unrivaled one-stop shopping experience and ability to instantly choose their preferred airline and schedule.”

Gantt Cookson

VP of Operations, Vacation Express

“ Softrip is a very good product with a good team of support. Softrip has been a valued partner through the years and has always stepped up in time of need. For example, we had an issue with air pricing and we were losing 150 passengers a day due to not being competitive. Softrip jumped in and supported us so that we could correct that issue. You can't buy that..”

Naomi Kabak

Senior Vice President, Group IST

“ Softrip has supported all types of growth that we have had, be it horizontal or vertical integrations, development, white labeling, and more. I admire the knowledge, skills, understanding, dedication, and determination of the Softrip family and truly believe that the system is quite remarkable and robust; seeing to support, upgrade, and provide its customers with a state-of-the-art technology with which to operate and manage a business such as ours.”

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