Tour Operator Reporting Software to Improve Visibility

Softrip Reporting gives you access to customized reports that help you analyze data and improve your multi-day tour operations. Tour operators have visibility into every aspect of their travel business.



Softrip Reporting helps tour operators easily track key performance indicators such as sales volume, booking trends, customer demographics, and revenue streams. Data from our tour operator reporting software can identify opportunity for growth, monitor the success of marketing campaigns, and make informed decisions to improve operational efficiency. Having access to real-time data enables tour operators to respond quickly to changing market conditions, adjust pricing strategies, and identify potential issues before they impact the bottom line. 

Reporting Features

  • Customized reports: Easily access customized reports with important operational and financial data.

  • Customer details: Run reports to access important information for customers including passenger lists and outstanding payments.

  • Customer communications: Leverage reports to provide important communications to customers, sending passenger invoices and travel documents prior to departure.

  • Travel agency performance: For B2B tour operators, review and track travel agency performance with standard reports.