Services Summary

Softrip recognizes and understands our multi-day tour operator customers’ unique complexities and needs, and we provide a consultative approach to all service offerings from the initial implementation to ongoing support.

Implementation Services

In implementation, we work with each customer to configure a solution that specifically meets organizational needs. Our Customer Satisfaction team has both technical knowledge and experience operationally to provide proactive assistance on best practices and develop innovative solutions to configure your multi-day tour system accordingly. Recognizing the importance of meeting with your team and discussing specific needs, we set up your Softrip interface in conjunction with your business requirements for preliminary interactive testing and then live deployment.

Training Services

Softrip’s consultative training services ensure our customers are utilizing the multi-day tour platform efficiently and effectively. From comprehensive introductory training tools to learning guides available at each phase of the process, Softrip works with customers to ensure the full system benefits are properly in place to align with your current operational processes. Softrip’s training model ensures current employees and new employees easily transition to be fully operational at their maximum productivity level.

Customization Services

Our team of engineers designed the Softrip systems to be extremely flexible and highly configurable to accommodate the unique requirements existing within the multi-day travel industry. We pride ourselves on the ability to leverage existing system capabilities to address almost all requirements for our customers. However, when requirements cannot be addressed through the configuration of existing capabilities or through modest process changes, Softrip will accommodate such requirements through custom development.

Ongoing Support Services

After your organization is live our Customer Satisfaction team will be your day-to-day contact for ongoing support. Through direct interactions and consistent communication processes, we help to keep your multi-day tour business productive and proficient with the Softrip application.