Today, we live in a connected world where dynamic rates, channel managers, and XML connections are part of supplier negotiations for multi-day tour operators. Softrip provides third party connectivity into major GDS systems, hotel bed banks, rail providers, and DMCs. For those needing a unique or new connection, Softrip has a comprehensive tool set and the experience to make it happen for you. Connecting to all suppliers seamlessly and efficiently is critical to your travel business success.

Application Integration

Think of Softrip as the central building block and engine of a machine to which different components may be bolted onto for added functionality and increased performance. These components need a way to communicate efficiently with the Softrip multi-day tour operator application.

Softrip offers a full suite of APIs. Third parties and home-grown applications may also use Softrip’s API to create reservations, query products and other additional operational uses deemed necessary. Our Softrip team has years of experience and knowledge seamlessly creating important connectivity to our customers.