Software For Multi-Day Tour Operators

Software For Multi-Day Tour Operators

Multi-day tour operators, meet Softrip: a dynamic software designed to redefine the way to navigate the complexities of the travel industry. Rooted in industry expertise, Softrip is a travel business solution that can help you scale your tour operator business across all business activities and all types of travel, setting the foundation for future success. According to the National Tour Association, tour operators are facing challenges in staffing, rates, and maintaining growth with service offerings and are interested in using technology to solve these problems. Let’s take a look at how Softrip is built to help multi-day tour operators optimize their business to do more with less error and manual work and focus on what matters: booking more trips!  

Who We Are  

For tour operators seeking to revolutionize their operations and offer exceptional travel experiences, Softrip is the ultimate partner. We provide a comprehensive, all-in-one solution that automates and simplifies your business processes. With our cutting-edge technology, you can streamline operations and consolidate all your data into one organized platform, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – delivering unforgettable travel experiences. 

Where We Started 

Softrip boasts a rich history in the multi-day tour operator space. The journey began in 1997 when the original founders, Dani and Tal Pipano, identified a need for a software platform that could bring innovative automation, communication, and flexibility to the tour operator industry. Drawing from their experience at Gate 1 Travel, one of the largest worldwide tour operators, they set out to create a system that would redefine the way business was conducted in the industry. 

Recognizing the potential impact of Softrip beyond their own operations, Tal and Dani decided to make their internal technology available to external customers. With a team of skilled engineers, they refined and developed the platform into a best-in-class travel software system. From there, Softrip became the first iteration of what we are known for today.  

Where We Are Going 

Since its inception, Softrip has evolved into the most comprehensive and flexible multi-day tour operator software globally. In 2021, the company entered a new era under the leadership of CEO Betsy Harbison, following an acquisition by a group of private investors focused on software and travel. Today, our team operates remotely, with renewed efforts in Customer Success, Sales, Marketing, and Product. 

With decades of combined expertise and the resources to optimize our offerings, Softrip is committed to reaching new heights in the multi-day tour operator space. As the travel industry continues to evolve, our platform will adapt to meet the changing needs of our customers across the globe. 

Who We Serve 

Softrip caters to a diverse range of multi-day tour operators, providing a flexible platform that supports escorted tours, custom groups, and Free Independent Travelers (FIT). WE support both inbound and outbound (DMC) tour operations. Our solution is designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, from boutique agencies to large-scale operators. Regardless of your niche, Softrip empowers you to easily design superior products that align with customer interests. 

What We Offer 

software for multi-day tour operators

Softrip is more than just software; it’s a complete tour operator business support system. Our platform covers a full range of business solutions for multi-day tour operators: 

Reservations: Softrip Reservations provides internal users and external customers with an intuitive step-by-step process for creating reservations, viewing and sending documents, and completing payments. Enjoy the ability to add flexible nights and room changes to help maximize your trip earning potential. 

CRM & Marketing: Softrip CRM & Marketing provides all functionality necessary to personalize customer experiences, manage and track customer contacts lists (both B2B and B2C), and evaluate your marketing efforts. All the data you need will be stored and available for future opportunities. 

Operations: Softrip Operations provides tour operators with one platform to manage the daily responsibilities of reservation management. Tour operators and their teams can quickly and accurately automate communications with customers, report rooming lists and other services to suppliers, view passenger manifests, and manage inventory. With these features, teams will never miss any detail. 

Product Management: Softrip Product Management allows tour operators to build, promote, and sell any destination and type of travel, including escorted tours, FIT travel, and custom groups. By using internal controls to manage all trip details, multi-day tour operators can greatly reduce error and improve accuracy. 

Accounting: Softrip Accounting is an integrated accrual-based system designed to simplify the intricacies specific to tour operator accounting. Manage all accounting needs within one system, with no duplicating of information or tedious exporting and importing. Know your exact P&L for every trip, in real time.  

Reporting & Task Management: Softrip Reporting provides an extensive portfolio of reports to help analyze data and improve operations, providing insight into every aspect of the business and customized to any needs. Softrip Task Management is our calendar-based landing page which allows teams to manage tasks and communications within your organization or facilitate external communication to suppliers, travel agents and passengers. Save time while ensuring all important information is communicated to the appropriate party. 

Integrated Payments: Softrip Integrated Payments is part of our suite of integrated solutions designed to seamlessly deliver everything your business needs within a single system. Our robust integration eliminates manual processes through a direct integration with the Accounting module – automating reconciliation, refunds, and more. 

Connectivity: Softrip provides third party connectivity into major GDS systems, hotel bed banks, rail providers, and DMCs. For those needing a unique or new connection, Softrip has a comprehensive tool set and the experience to make it happen for you. Connecting to all suppliers seamlessly and efficiently is critical to your organization’s success. 

Who Benefits 

Executives and Owners: Executives and owners of multi-day tour operators stand to benefit significantly from Softrip implementation. The platform drives top-line revenue while reducing operating costs through process automation, saving time and money. Its integrated approach provides full visibility into all business areas, facilitating quick and comprehensive analysis from sales to financials. Furthermore, Softrip enhances interdepartmental communication and task management, promoting organizational efficiency. In essence, it’s a strategic tool for executives seeking streamlined operations, cost savings, and informed decision-making. 

Sales Teams: Softrip empowers multi-day tour operator sales teams by enabling quicker booking, automating reservation tasks, and organizing customer information for targeted promotions. The platform’s efficiency allows teams to book more trips in less time, streamline workflows, and reduce errors. Detailed customer data supports personalized engagements and unique product options, satisfying diverse customer interests. Softrip is a concise solution for sales teams, enhancing productivity, customer relationships, and overall success in the travel industry. 

Marketing Teams: Softrip empowers marketing teams by simplifying the creation and communication of promotions. Its integrated tools facilitate the assessment of marketing efforts, quickly identifying top revenue performers among travel agencies. The platform also streamlines communication between marketing and sales teams, ensuring efficient coordination on promotions, discounts, and specialized products. Softrip is a comprehensive solution for marketing teams, enabling strategic decision-making and seamless collaboration for enhanced performance. 

Operations Teams: Softrip is a game-changer for operations teams, offering a fully integrated platform for streamlined task management and communication. The platform ensures meticulous control over documentation, invoices, and schedule changes, facilitating efficient collaboration with colleagues, suppliers, and customers. Softrip’s robust capabilities extend to managing reporting, confirming services with suppliers, and utilizing yield management tools to boost revenue and maximize profits. In essence, Softrip is a concise and powerful solution for operations teams seeking enhanced efficiency and financial performance. 

Product Teams: Softrip is a boon for product teams, enabling a sharper focus on product creation by automating back-end processes. The platform consolidates supplier contract creation, ensuring seamless collaboration and accurate service confirmation. With the added flexibility of optional add-ons, Softrip drives revenue by catering to diverse customer preferences. The platform’s yield management tools enable dynamic pricing, allowing teams to establish proper rates while maintaining control and customization. In essence, Softrip is a concise solution that enhances efficiency, revenue potential, and pricing strategies for product teams. 

Finance & Accounting: Softrip is a crucial tool for finance and accounting teams, enabling detailed analysis of profit and loss statements on a per-trip and per-reservation basis. The platform streamlines month-end processes by providing easy access to key financial statements and offers a centralized system for managing all financial information. Softrip also simplifies transactional tasks, facilitating efficient invoicing of clients and the disbursement of payments and commissions. In essence, Softrip is a concise solution for finance and accounting teams, enhancing analysis, streamlining processes, and improving overall financial management. 

Why Choose Softrip 

We’re experts in our field. Built within the best-in-class multi-day tour operator Gate 1 Travel, our origins are grounded in expertise. Our team has more than 100 combined years of experience in the travel industry, so all of our customers are in good hands. You’ll see our proven track record with top names in the industry.  

We scale with you. No matter the size of your multi-day tour operator business (from 5 users to 500 hundred users), our travel software is built to scale right along with you. With the most robust and feature-rich system in the industry that can meet any business need, the sky is the limit.   

You’ll see immediate return on investment. With Softrip, you can drive top-line revenue opportunities. By eliminating tedious manual processes and taking advantage of a comprehensive system, you can maximize time spent on designing exceptional product offerings and less time handling the rest.  

You need one source of truth. Softrip will allow you to utilize one comprehensive system to manage all aspects of a multi-day tour operator business. Having one unified platform will allow you to manage the entire workflow, from the first supplier negotiation down to the last accounting transaction. 

We support all types of travel. With our scalable and customizable system, you can sell any destination and type of travel that supports your business. Whether it’s escorted tours, custom groups, or FIT, Softrip can allow you to maintain consistency across operations.  

For multi-day tour operators, Softrip is not just a software solution; it’s a strategic partner, revolutionizing the way businesses operate and elevating the travel experience for both operators and customers. Ready to see how it can work for you? Book a demo with us today.