Tour Operator News: 5 Travel Things January 2024

Multi-Day Tour Operator News: 5 Travel Things In January

✈️ How To Sell Sustainable Travel As A Luxury Specialist

  • Travel can make a positive impact to supporting biodiversity, cutting carbon and boosting local communities.
  • For luxury specialists starting their sustainability journey, try to talk to other agents who are already actively promoting responsible travel.
  • Focus on the exclusiveness of things, and the experiential elements of being able to travel in a responsible way.


✈️ Married Yet Solo: More Women Are Traveling Without Their Plus-Ones

  • A growing trend of married older women traveling solo points to a broader societal shift of lifestyle choices as travel companies adapt to this diverse demographic with tailored and safe experiences.
  • This offers a nuanced approach to safety, with itineraries letting women explore off-the-beaten-track destinations, even at night.
  • Gen Z female travelers are keenly interested in solo international travel, mainly for empowerment and personal growth.


✈️  Tour Operators Are Planning Around The Paris Olympics

  • Tour operators are split on their approach to Paris travel during the 2024 Summer Olympics, with some promoting the event and others avoiding it.
  • Many hotels have an 18-night minimum stay at rack rates in place during the Games, so guests that are traveling need to have large budgets and be willing to pay the increased rates for the Olympic period.
  • The events could impact operations that force itinerary changes, and the brands are calling on guests to be flexible and patient.


✈️ Travel Customer Service Resilience In the Age Of Climate Disruption

  • This customer burden is why climate disruption is so much more than an operational problem; the impacts of severe weather and wildfires are taking a growing toll on your best customers.
  • Travelers are perplexed as to why disruption challenges can’t be solved as quickly as their new bookings are made – seamlessly and without rounds of phone calls or delays.
  • The upside of a full-journey view of the customer is the opportunity it creates to strengthen customer goodwill and increase net promoter scores (NPS); customers always remember who was there for them in their time of need.


✈️ What To Know About The Proposed Tourist Fee In Hawaii

  • Hawaii’s governor proposed charging travelers checking into hotels or short term rentals a fee when they visit, becoming the latest destination to tax tourists.
  • The “modest fee” would generate more than $68 million in revenue each year, used to invest in beach preservation, fire breaks, and other prevention measures.
  • All tourists would be charged $25 when they check in, but other options such as increasing the transient accommodation tax are on the table.


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