Case Study – WMPH

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WMPH Cruises with Softrip’s Platform for Automating & Simplifying Booking Processes

Company Overview:

  • WMPH, short for “We Make People Happy:-)” sm, is a Florida-based travel company specializing in cruises and resort vacations, WMPH was founded in 2004(over 675,000 passengers booked).
  • WMPH is a member of the Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) and travel partners include all major cruise lines including Carnival, Celebrity, Cunard, Disney, Holland America, MSC Cruises, Princess, Regent Seven Seas, and Royal Caribbean. Cruise specialists are trained in all cruise destinations including Alaska, the Bahamas, Bermuda, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Europe and the Panama Canal.
  • WMPH has over 120 employees and has experienced exponential growth now serving over 70,000 worldwide customers annually.
  • WMPH has been a Softrip customer since 2011.

The Challenges:  

  • WMPH was limited to the number of booking packages they could process for customers based upon a very “manually intensive process.”
  • Their process included emails, phone calls, manually received bookings, manually received deposits, manually added confirmations and manually made edits/changes. Every step in this process of receiving, booking, confirming and finalizing a reservation was completed on an excel spreadsheet. This was causing errors, resulting in some client complaints and wasting valuable time.
  • Extrapolating data from their biggest product, Alaskan Cruises, and manually processing vouchers was no longer sustainable to serve 3 different ships and the volume of passengers, sales agents and employees involved.
  • WMPH “struggled with the number of packages we could sell due to the manual booking and fulfillment processes.”

The Solution:

  • After making the decision to automate processes to eliminate tedious back end processes, WMPH selected Softrip as their vendor to improve their booking and fulfillment processes for customer travel packages.
  • Softrip implementation engineers worked with WMHP to customize, to design and to implement systems tailored specifically to WMHP’s business needs.
  • Elminiating the time consuming, manually managed spreadsheets, WMHP successfully automated all processes to simplify their processes into one comprehensive system.

The Result:

  • Automating back end processes supported the volume WMPH was experiencing with their substantial growth (increasing customers served annually from approximately 35,000 to 70,000).
  • Added additional packages, services and products (Hawaii, Europe, Australia, TransAtlantic and more) seamlessly and more efficiently.
  • WMHP enjoyed a fully integrated platform automating all processes from operations to products to resevations for greater accuracy, speed and overall efficiency improvements.
  • Company and customer communications processes improved for increased bookings/increased revenue.
  • “Softrip has been a godsend for booking packages. It’s so easy to use, everyone loves it.”